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How to Withdraw From Bet9ja?

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13 Apr 2024


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    The Bet9ja withdrawal process is a key function for every player. It has to be carried out successfully so you can have your earnings or winnings sent to your bank account.
    In doing so, it is paramount to pay attention to details like the Bet9ja maximum withdrawal sum and the transaction times.

    Also, what funding options enable players to make withdrawal requests and how much time is required to receive the money. All these questions are answered in the review.
    This Bet9ja withdrawal guide will also help you resolve any problems regarding your transactions with the operator.
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    How to Withdraw Bet9ja Bonus?

    A Bet9ja withdrawal of the welcome bonus is possible provided you meet the qualifying criteria. Of course, you also need to be eligible for the sign-up deal. That means that you must deposit at least N100 (first deposit only counts toward the bonus requirement).

    Then, stake the full worth of your deposit on single or multiple bets on any sports market. Just ensure that it comes with odds of at least 3.00.

    Take note, though, that according to the Bet9ja withdrawal rules, you should wager the bonus sum 10 times or more within 30 days of receiving it. This will allow you to withdraw your bonus.

    Tip: Before you withdraw a Bet9ja bonus, always check out details like the Bet9ja maximum withdrawal per day, the minimum withdrawal on Bet9ja, and other Bet9ja withdrawal rules that may apply.

    Withdraw with Bet9ja

    What are Bet9ja Withdrawal Rules?

    According to the Bet9ja withdrawal policy, you may use any of the offered funding options to send money to your bank account. You can expect the transaction to be cleared within 24 banking hours (max Bet9ja withdrawal time).

    Also, the minimum withdrawal on Bet9ja is N1000 while the Bet9ja maximum withdrawal enabled is N 9,999,999. If you have a Bet9ja withdrawal problem, do not hesitate to contact Customer Support for assistance.


    • The operator may require some documentation from you to verify your account. This is standard procedure among all online bookmakers and casinos. So, you might be asked to provide a driver’s license or another ID document, as well as a proof of residence, such as an electricity bill or something similar.
    • If you request a Bet9ja withdrawal between Friday midday and Sunday, you will receive your money the coming Monday. This is because any request for a Bet9ja withdrawal on weekends is processed the first business day after the weekend.
    • Bet9ja withdrawal on weekends that are followed by a national or banking holiday is cleared during the first business day after the holiday.

    How to Withdraw Money From Bet9ja?

    In this section, you will find tutorials to help you withdraw money from a desktop, mobile lite, or mobile account. The procedures are more or less the same, with only a few minor details being different.

    How to Withdraw Money From a Desktop Bet9ja Account?

    Overall, the Bet9ja withdrawal process is straightforward. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you withdraw from a desktop Bet9ja account successfully:

    1. Use your login credentials to access your account.
    2. From the drop-down menu choose BANK.
    3. Click on WITHDRAWAL.
    4. Enter the required information in the boxes.
    5. Ensure that all the details are correct and click CONFIRM.

    As soon as you hit CONFIRM, you will receive a confirmation of your Bet9ja withdrawal request. If you have pending Bet9ja withdrawal requests, you can view them in the CASHIER.

    How to Withdraw From a Mobile Lite Account

    If you are using a mobile device (lite Bet9ja mobile version), the Bet9ja withdrawal process is as follows:

    1. Use your login details to access your Bet9ja account.
    2. From the menu, tap on WITHDRAWAL (to left-hand side).
    3. Enter the requested bank details in the relevant fields.
    4. Hit CONFIRM.

    Note: The minimum withdrawal on Bet9ja from a mobile account is N5,000. There is no other difference in any other regard whether using a desktop or portable device. So, the same Bet9ja withdrawal time applies. The Bet9ja maximum withdrawal cap remains the same as well. Now, if you want to withdraw a Bet9ja bonus, you will have to meet all terms and conditions first.

    How to Withdraw From a Mobile Account

    Those using the full Bet9ja mobile version need to use the following method to place a Bet9ja withdrawal claim:

    1. Access your mobile account using your login credentials.
    2. From the drop-down menu, hit BANK.
    3. Choose WITHDRAWAL.
    4. Enter the right bank info in the boxes.
    5. Hit CONFIRM after you verify the transaction.

    Note: The minimum sum you can withdraw is N5,000.

    Important notes:

    Make sure that your Bet9ja sign-up details match the account holder name before proceeding with the Bet9ja withdrawal claim. Otherwise, your account will be suspended until you submit proof of ID. Once the operator confirms it (your proof of ID), they will free your account and open all Bet9ja withdrawal options.

    Always remember to ask for more than the minimum withdrawal on Bet9ja per the Bet9ja withdrawal rules (N1,000). Failing to meet the given threshold will result in having your Bet9ja withdrawal request disregarded. Nevertheless, do go over the Bet9ja withdrawal policy right before you place a Bet9ja withdrawal claim. Regulations may change at any given time. So the minimum withdrawal on Bet9ja could be a higher or lower amount than the current one when you want to make a Bet9ja withdrawal request.

    In theory, the same applies when asking to withdraw more than the Bet9ja maximum withdrawal sum. However, it is impossible (or at least nearly impossible) to go over the amount set for the Bet9ja maximum withdrawal per day. This is the case at the time of this writing. The operator has the right to change their Bet9ja maximum withdrawal requirements whenever they choose to. For that reason, always revise details when you want to withdraw a Bet9ja bonus or your winnings from sports betting or gambling.

    How Long Does Bet9ja Withdrawal Take?

    The operator mentions that the Bet9ja withdrawal time is one business day (24 business hours). This could translate into working two days, if you place a Bet9ja withdrawal request in the afternoon. The Bet9ja withdrawal time may also be affected by your card provider.

    How to Check Pending Withdrawal on Bet9ja?

    A common Bet9ja withdrawal problem is that players can’t find how to query a pending transaction. Sometimes, a withdrawal request is also shown as Failed in the menu. In this case, it is paramount to re-query a transaction. Most of the time, this solves the issue. Here are the steps to take if using a desktop:

    • Go to the PENDING tab to see your current pending transactions.
    • Click QUERY.

    If a transaction appears updated to β€˜Successful”, it has been cleared. If it is labelled as β€œFailed” your Bet9ja balance will not be updated. This is when you will probably need to contact Customer Support for guidance and assistance.


    1. You can only check pending transactions for Flutterwave and Web Pay transactions that are older than 15 minutes.
    2. Mobile users should head to the DEPOSIT page and expand any pending transaction. Then re-query the transaction by hitting the green button (bottom right-hand corner).

    Problem With Bet9ja Withdrawal: What Should I Do?

    Whether you are facing an issue with the Bet9ja withdrawal time or another concern, you can contact Customer Support. Simply choose any of the following methods:



    live chat:

    Live chat – You will need to log in to your account to use this option.




    Email Contact Us form – The responses are provided between 24- 48 hours.




    Telephone number (01-15158888 or 01-8889309 or 08099990939 or 01-4405145)




    Twitter (https://twitter.com/Bet9jaHelp) – There is no information about how fast you can have a reply from them.




    Traditional mail – It usually takes several days to receive a reply.

    The operating hours for the call centre are 08:00 to 21:00. According to online reviews from Bet9ja customers, the operator’s agents are knowledgeable and friendly. So, you can expect your problem to be fixed within minutes.

    Bet9ja Withdrawal – Final Thoughts

    With information on the Bet9ja maximum withdrawal required and details about the minimum withdrawal sums, you have the basic info right there. Other than that, you know how long it will take for a withdrawal request to be cleared.

    Also, when to expect your money to show in your bank account. Finally, you know precisely how to withdraw your winnings from a desktop or mobile device. Now, you can enjoy the betting and gambling experience Bet9ja provides with nothing to worry about.

    That is, of course, provided that you play responsibly and are aware of the Responsible Gambling regulations.

    Pros +

    + Generous Welcome Offer

    + Large betting choices

    + In-play opportunities

    Cons –

    – Live Chat not available

    – Limited withdraw options


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