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Players using the Bet9ja Old Mobile app might be thrilled to know that the operator has given it a nice facelift. The purpose of the new version is to make it compatible with more portable devices.

Recently, we saw the Bet9ja old mobile site change and become even more modernised and mobile-optimised. So, it was only a matter of time for the old Bet9ja mobile app to be replaced by a fresher option. Even if you still prefer to download the old mobile version, it is worth checking out the new kid on the block.

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Bet9ja Old vs New Site One – What are the Differences?

The operator had designers create an app to match the old Bet9ja mobile site. However, nothing stands still. Instead, the world (the internet cosmos, in particular) is a fast-changing environment.

If you fail to keep up with the times, you become obsolete. This is probably what has urged Bet9ja to leave its Bet9ja mobile app (old version) behind. It has, therefore, decided to present a mobile alternative that is faster loading, more eye-catching, and even more functional.

Of course, this does not mean that you cannot download the old mobile version. You can. You can even still shop old mobile coupon codes. It’s just that when making an old mobile vs new mobile comparison, the latest option is more attractive. Here are some major details about the Bet9ja mobile app (the old version versus the new one).

Bet9ja Old vs New Mobile: Compatibility

The old mobile site was created quite a few years ago. So, the old mobile app had to depict the mobile site’s functions and features. However, they were both addressing and serving older phones and operating systems.

The new operating systems were not in sync with the old mobile site and app. That has pushed the bookie to either update the old mobile option or create a new one. Nevertheless, it seems that the Bet9ja mobile app (old version) required a full makeover.

So, instead of trying to work with older tech to revamp the Bet9ja old app, the operator opted for a new design in its entirety. The new app now works seamlessly on all systems and portable devices. This also enables players to shop Bet9ja old mobile and new mobile promo codes at the same time.

1. The User Interface

Everything is a couple of clicks away and you don’t need to search for something for too long. The menu is very clear and all the needed tabs and buttons are on the homepage.

As for the overall look of the old Bet9ja mobile site, it looked a bit dated. The same applied to the old mobile app. The newer options are much more modern, with a better combination of colours, and improved graphics.

The streaming quality is also enhanced and the same goes for the layout. As for the use of promo codes, you can shop Bet9ja old mobile codes or opt for the new ones. The bonuses you’ll get will be about the same.

2. Functionality

The old Bet9ja mobile app and the old mobile site hosted everything the web-based platform had. So, in this regard, there was no reason to create a new version. You only had to download the old mobile Bet9ja app or launch the mobile site on your browser.

Then, simply start betting or playing. However, as years went by, new games, new features, and new functions have been added to the  old mobile site. The old mobile app had to follow suit.

The new one has a much greater plethora of options and a much more 2024-like feel and look. However, key functions such as the old Bet9ja mobile coupon check software are there – old mobile or new.

3. Players Experiences

Regardless of whether you prefer the old mobile app or the new one, your betting and playing adventures will be exciting. So, it comes as no surprise that so many users are still searching for the old Bet9ja mobile version. Let’s not forget that we are creatures of habits.

We like things we are used to having or living in a certain way. Other people, on the other hand, love the thrill of the new. So, it is really up to you whether you download the old mobile Bet9ja app or the new one. Just remember that the new app will serve your needs a tad better.

Bet9ja Old vs New Mobile: Technical Details

The old Bet9ja mobile app required 146 ms to respond and load. Although this was quite good, the new app is even faster-loading. Also, the total size of the old mobile app was 466.2 kB (the main page). This means that it took ages to load and that it was not properly optimised.

The new one is compressed and its size (the main page again) is 5.8 kB. The new app also compressed content to reduce the amount of data travelling through the network between the browser and the server.

The Bet9ja old app also had large JavaScript and CSS files that affected the web pages’ rendering time adversely. The new version is more improved on all aspects.

New Bet9ja Mobile

How to Access Old Bet9ja Mobile?

If you wish to use the old Bet9ja mobile app, there are a few things you need to know. If you head to the Bet9ja mobile site from your phone browser. You will be asked to choose which version you prefer.

Note that no matter what you select, you will be redirected to the new version.

You will have to type in the following link to access the old Bet9ja mobile app: http://old-mobile.Bet9ja.com/Account/Login.aspx. Then you will have access to all the functions, including the old mobile coupon check tool. You can even shop old mobile coupons and use them when entering the site or app.

How to Login to the Old Bet9ja Mobile site?

You can use the exact same process you followed before. Here are the steps to take:

Note: You will have no issues accessing the old app. Note that you may enter your old Bet9ja mobile login details to your mobile browser or the app.

How to Withdraw From Old Bet9ja Mobile?

Using your Betnaija old mobile login details to access the app or site was easy, right. It is equally easy to fund your account from the old mobile site. In fact, there is no difference between withdrawing money from the old Bet9ja mobile or the new one. Here’s a guide to help you:

  1. Login to your old Bet9ja mobile account with your login credentials.
  2. Hit MY ACCOUNT (top right-hand corner of the page).
  3. Click WITHDRAW.
  4. Enter the required bank details in the relevant form.
  5. Click NEXT.
  6. Hit CONFIRM.

How to Download Bet9ja Old Mobile App?

You can use the link provided above and follow the on-screen instructions.


The battle between the old and the new Bet9ja mobile version is ongoing, for the time being. Those insisting on using the old mobile app or sites like the offered functionality and user experience. They know the ropes.

But, when they try the new mobile site or app, chances are they will change their mind. The new app is advanced, easier to use, more compatible with new phones, and bullet-fast loading. The options of the old are all there, only enhanced.

Players can also shop Bet9ja old mobile codes and use them to get bonuses on the new. Overall, the new mobile experience offers convenience, improved mobile optimisation, and superbly better UX than the older one.


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