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How to Become a Bet9ja Agent


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Welcome to this article describing the Bet9ja agent process in all its glory. We will tell you all you need to know about becoming a Bet9ja agent and opening a Bet9ja shop. It’s a unique opportunity and one you want to make sure you approach properly.
We’ll explain the whole process, from the Bet9ja agent requirements to the Bet9ja shop register protocols. We hope this can be your first step on the road to a new and exciting Bet9ja shop business enterprise.
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Bet9ja Agent Requirements

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Bet9ja offers its customers the chance to set up their own business. How many other bookmakers can say that? To become a Bet9ja agent, you’ll need to operate within the Bet9ja agent requirements.

They are pretty self-explanatory and don’t require a thankless string of administrative tasks.

Obviously, to become an agent is quite a commitment. With that in mind, we ask you to consider the be9ja requirements carefully. Once you have enrolled on the Bet9ja agent program, you’ll need to start thinking about opening a Bet9ja shop.

But that’s a brief overview of what you can expect. What about the actual requirements of becoming a Bet9ja agent? Well, we’ll run you through those now.

You must of course be of legal betting age and have all the appropriate documents to hand before you enter the agent requirements stage. The bookmaker also asks that you meet the specified geographic requirements.

On a more informal level, the brand asks that you have a passion for the industry and a flair for all the things you’ll encounter in a Bet9ja shop.

Become a Bet9ja Agent

Bet9ja Agent Registration

To begin the Bet9ja registration process, you’ll need first to head over to the Bet9ja agent website. From there, go to the ‘easy steps to start’ tab on the top of the page. You will see a list of things you’ll need to provide before you can open your Bet9ja shop.

These include the submission of documentation to Bet9ja, document and location checks and formal interaction with a member of the Bet9ja staff.

You’ll also need to verify your physical Bet9ja shop’s premises. After that, you will need to sign the provided contract before setting your Bet9ja shop up for trading.

How to Open a Bet9ja Shop?

As we’ve mentioned, before you open your Bet9ja shop, you’ll need to meet all the stated requirements. We will continue to outline the other peripheral checks and balances throughout the rest of this article.

As far as opening your own physical shop is concerned, Bet9ja will leave this largely to your own devices.

To complete the Bet9ja shop register process, you must ensure that your selected premises meet all the necessary guidelines.

Generally, a lot of this will be common sense:

These are all things that need to be considered before you open your Bet9ja shop.

What is the Bet9ja Agent Commission Percentage?

The Bet9ja agent commission percentage varies depending on the markets and bets placed. Bet9ja agent commission percentage is generally calculated through a slidable scale which goes up and down depending on the number of selections that a customer makes in any given bet.

For example, the Bet9ja agent commission percentage might be 1 per cent for one selection or 20 per cent for 25 selections or more.

You’ll be informed of all the specifics when you complete your Bet9ja agent registration. As we’ve explained, the Bet9ja agent registration process is not particularly arduous and shouldn’t take up a huge amount of your time.

In the end, the hours you spend jumping through the various hoops will all be well worth the wait. Bet9ja super agents may be entitled to a higher Bet9ja agent commission percentage. Please keep this in mind when completing the Bet9ja agent registration process.

Become a Bet9ja Agent - Agent Commission Percentage

How Much Do I Need to Become a Bet9ja Agent?

We should tell you straight off the bat that you’ll need to pay a one-time signup fee of ₦50,000 before you can become a Bet9ja agent. However, while the setup costs are by no mean astronomical, you should expect to invest a little before you can reap the rewards.

You’ll also need money for all sorts of proclivities related to the running of a well-oiled modern bookmaker. These include the basics such as electricity and a stellar internet connection.

You will also need other facilities relating to the running of a fully functioning and above-board business. This might include such devices as receipt printers and properly functioning cash registers.

One more thing: we cannot stress enough that you don’t buy any of the kits until your Bet9ja agent registration process has been completed. There is really no point until you’re sure you have met the Bet9ja agent requirements.

How to Open a Bet9ja Shop?

As we’ve covered in the above passage, the amount could vary depending on a number of factors. Some agents may want to open a larger shop than others, replete with all manner of illustrious furnishings. However, some of you will be keen to keep things economical and basic. Both options are equally viable.

We recommend consulting an advisor before you begin the Bet9ja shop register process. That way, you’ll be fully aware of the seriousness of the undertaking.

How to Withdraw Bet9ja as an Agent?

You will be told in great detail how to withdraw your earnings as part of the agent registration process.

The Bet9ja shop register procedure is as simple and pain-free as the withdrawal process itself. Simply head over to the website and locate the banking services. To do this, you’ll need to find the ‘my account tab’.

From there, click on ‘report’. Then, you’ll need to specify your deposits and net profits. After that, Bet9ja’s clever algorithm will calculate how much you’re owed.

Make sure you have registered through your preferred banking services first. All the correct info must be entered so there are no problems when it comes to the fiscal side of the enterprise.


And there you have it. That’s how to become a Bet9ja agent via the Bet9ja agent registration process.

By the way, Bet9ja should not be confused with bet naija, which is a common misspelling. We thought we should clear that one up for you because you’d be surprised how many people make the same mistake.

We hope this article has gone a long way to outlining how to become a Bet9ja agent and open your very own Bet9ja shop. If you have any other queries about the Bet9ja agent registration process, we heartily recommend getting in contact with the bookmaker directly.
In our experience, they have been only too happy to point us in the right direction and offer clarification on complicated issues.

Of course, starting the be9ja agent registration process can feel like a huge commitment, and it is. But the risk and reward axis is tilted firmly in your favour with this one. It’s a unique business opportunity to enrol in the Bet9ja shop register programme and we wish you the very best of luck in your journey.

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