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Handicap in Bet9ja: What does it mean?

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We’ve taken ourselves to the task of checking out the likes of one of Nigeria’s top online betting platforms and decide to turn our focus to their Handicap betting options, and what exactly these entail.

We want to make it our priority in this article to attempt to explain handicap in Bet9ja, and how it works for all betting members.

To kick us off in the right direction, we decided to uncover exactly what a handicap bet is, and what exactly that may mean for any Bet9ja community member, hoping to place some handicap bets, and what that may actually look like accordingly.

So, without further ado, please do join us as we tackle the topic of handicaps, and more specifically, look at how to explain handicap in Bet9ja and handicaps at Bet9ja in general.

What is Handicap Betting?

Uncovering the meaning of Handicap in betting is something quite fascinating when one gets down to it. Handicap betting is generally only utilised in the types of sporting events that are points-based.

That is to say, for any sports that result in points being gained or lost by the different teams or sides, these types of sports are eligible for Handicaps to be placed on their betting types accordingly.

Sports that generally offers punters a handicap in Bet9ja and further extends the Handicap betting options tend to be the likes of any of the following:

  • Football betting
  • Horse Racing bets
  • Tennis betting
  • Rugby betting
  • Basketball betting
  • And more.

There are other names that these types of handicap betting types go by, and these alternative names could be any of the following:

  • Points betting
  • Line betting
  • the Spread
  • Asian handicap betting

All in all, what these types of betting types refer to, and what the meaning of handicap in betting is when the bookmaker `determines an advantage or disadvantage to be placed on any one or other of the teams playing against each other, affecting the odds that ones’ stake can be placed on.

For example, if Man City were determined to be the favourites to beat Southampton, the sports booking operator may determine to give Southampton a 3-0 handicap advantage. You would then need to keep these odds in mind when placing your handicap bet accordingly.

Handicap in Bet9ja

What is the Meaning of Handicap in Bet9ja Betting?

As a Bet9ja community member, you will be pleased to find that handicap betting is no different at this operator than at any other top-notch sporting operator. As Bet9ja, traditional handicap betting is determined as such.

  1. The favourite team will have points (or goals) subtracted from them, in regards to the odds presented for you as the bettor.
  2. At Bet9ja, the handicap is shown by being preceded with a ?-? Sign before the number of handicaps is presented.
  3. For example, the leading team would show handicap like this: “(-3)”
  4. The leading team, or the team that is holding the handicap, will need to score more than the number of handicaps determined by the brand.

Take a look at the example presented below.

How Betting On a Handicap Works at Bet9ja

As mentioned above, the handicap in Bet9ja, or more specifically, the handicap betting type at Bet9ja is shown when the leading team of any points-based sporting event is given a handicap number, and the bettor will then need to keep in mind that this leading team has to score more than the handicap number, to win.

The handicap number is effectively subtracted from the overall numbers of goals scored, and thereafter the status of the bet will be determined from there.

Perhaps it would be easier to explain how it all works, by taking a look at a hypothetical example of such a handicap bet, as it would play out at Bet9ja.

Let us suppose that a football match is set to take place, between the teams’ Man UTD and Leeds.

Let us also envision that Leeds is the team that is favoured to win. This means that the bet would be determined as such: Leeds (-1)

At Bet9ja, the betting options for traditional handicap betting is as follows;

  • 1.
  • X or
  • 2

In the instance above, should you have placed a bet on ‘1’, you would be betting that Man UTD would win. Should you place a bet in ‘X’, you would be expecting a draw between Man UTD and Leeds, and should you place a bet on ‘2’, you would be expecting Leeds to take the win of the day.

This means that Leeds will need to overcome their handicap and score double to claim their winning spot in the match.

What Do the Handicap Numbers Mean?

Here we are taking a deeper and closer look at the various Handicap betting codes and numbers that are presented to all players that form part of the player community at Bet9ja.

While doing our research and seeking to find the different handicap betting codes utilised, we came across the following betting codes associated with Bet9ja handicap options;

  • 2H (HANDICAP 0:1)
    This refers to the away team having been identified as the lead team, or the favourite to win. This leaves this team being in the lead with a score of 0-1 before the game has even begun.
  • 1H (HANDICAP 1:0)
    When a player selects this code to play with, what they are essentially meaning is that they have determined the home team to be the lead for the event at hand. The home team will be leading before the game has started, with a score of 1-0.

What is European Handicap at Bet9ja?

As mentioned briefly above, some operators refer to the Handicap betting type as a points betting type, as the ‘Spread’, and even as an Asian handicap.

At Bet9ja, there is the mention of the European handicap betting type. This is in fact, the only type of handicap on offer at Bet9ja.

So, what is the difference between an Asian handicap and a European handicap bet, you may wonder? Well, you’re in luck, we have determined to highlight to you, just what the key differences between these betting types happen to be below.

Europearn Handicap Explained

A European handicap is generally referred to as the 3-way Handicap, as this is usually the type of betting that takes place.

Although Asian Handicap betting is usually the more popular, it is something to reflect on, the fact that the European handicap bet type is really older than the Asian counterpart.

In order to get a full view of what these differences tend to be, below is a table that should hopefully give you the main differences between each handicap type, at a glance.

Essentially, there are three main elements that enable each of these betting types to stand out from each other, namely;

  1. Symbols/Representations
    Each handicap type makes use of different symbol representations. For example, Asian handicap focuses on a specific team and their skill, thereby making use of non-integral symbols for their betting type. Whereas European Handicap betting focuses more on the draw score option and looks toward relative ability instead, thus utilising ratio-specific representations,
  2. Number Variants
    Asian handicap betting makes use of many variants of number usages, for example, it could use quarter-ball, half-ball or whole-ball handicaps. Whereas European handicaps ONLY make use of whole number variants.
  3. Match Outcomes
    Perhaps the most easily identifiable difference is found here. With Asian handicaps, there are only x2 possible match outcomes, and with European handicap betting, there are x3 possible match outcomes. See the table below to see the options.

Let’s take a look at the table below to see the differences:

Key ElementEuropean HandicapAsian Handicap
Symbol RepresentationsE.g. 1:0E.g. ‘-1.5’
Number VarientsWhole numbers ONLYQuarter-ball, half-ball, etc.
Match Outcomes1. Bet on Home
2. Bet on Away
3. Bet on draw score
1. Give lead to the Home team
2. Give lead to the Away team

What is Alternative Handicap in Bet9ja?

The thing about Alternative handicap is that it refers to the method of pre-determining or predicting the result of the match by assigning them as either having the advantage or the disadvantage.

This is most usually assigned by adding points to the side or team that is typically regarded as the underdog and can easily be affected accordingly.

At Bet9ja though, it appears that this type of betting option is not readily available. Your best bet would be to double-check with the customer care team at Bet9ja if you’re after this Alternative handicap betting type and double-check to see if there is such an option available.

Which Sports Can Handicap Betting Be Placed On at Bet9ja?

This is where it gets really exciting, now that we’ve taken you through the ins and outs of what Handicap betting entails, we’re happy to provide you with the list of actual sporting events that you can place your handicap bet on at Bet9ja.

Simply check out our list of sports available for handicap betting below;

  • Soccer (football)
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • American Football
  • Baseball
  • Rugby
  • And so much more!
Bet9ja Handicap Betting

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to the meaning of handicap in Bet9ja betting. It is a quick way to get the answers to those burning questions quickly, and easily.

The meaning of handicap in Bet9ja is basically a betting type that is quite popular with most seasoned bettors. This type of betting style is particular to points-based sports, for example, football, tennis, basketball, and the like.

At Bet9ja, handicap betting is available and is quite easy to take up.

For the European handicap in Bet9ja betting options, one need only look to the tutorial page on site. It offers a quick reference and brief explanation about how it all works.

Alternatively, take a deeper look at the table created above. It further explains the differences between the two most popular styles of handicap betting. The European handicap and Asian handicap betting.

For a brief explanation of what alternative handicap betting tends to be, take a look at the article above. There is a brief explanation given with this thought topic in mind.

Our Final Thoughts In Conclusion

One is able to readily enjoy the various betting type available to all members of the Bet9ja player community. The same applies to the handicap betting options too.

The fact is that there are quite a few sporting events that Bet9ja covers. It allows Handicap betting to affect the gameplay by you as the bettor. You will essentially be in control of how you place your stake and where.

The fact that Bet9ja offers great handicap options and that this particular article has set to put to bay the questions of what the meaning of handicap in Bet9ja terms may actually offer its members is a sure-fire way to ensure an optimised betting experience, from registration to implementation.

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