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Bet9ja Aviator | How to Play Bet9ja Aviator in Nigeria?


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The Bet9ja Aviator game has been newly added to the casino section of the bookmaker. Players who want to try it out will find this guide helpful as we provide vital information on this game. Find out how to play Aviator on Bet9ja, its rules and regulations and every other helpful detail for interested users.

What is the Aviator Game?

The Bet9ja Aviator can be categorized as a crash game, similar to JetX, which can also be found on this betting site. This casino game was invented in 2019 by Spribe, attracting many players due to its simplicity and fairness.

In this game, a plane takes off and flies until it crashes or flies away. Players here aim to watch the aircraft as it gains altitude and cash out when they feel it’s safe. Players depend mainly on luck to win, as you can’t tell for sure the duration the plane stays on your screen before it flies away.

Bet9ja Aviator - Reach New Heights with Jetx!

How to Play Aviator on Bet9ja?

Placing bets on Bet9ja Aviator is simple and easy. Even new website members won’t have a problem understanding the concept of the game. Interestingly, the bookmaker provides a demo version which players can try out to immerse themselves in the game before wagering with real money. You don’t have to sign up or log into your account to access it.

Now, let’s explain in a step-by-step guide how to play the Aviator game on Bet9ja.

  1. First, register an account using an optional Bet9ja promotion code.
  2. After signing up, login to your account and head to the casino section of the site.
  3. You can use the search button to find the Bet9ja Aviator game. Alternatively, you can access the game in the ‘Crash Games’ or ‘Top Games’ section.
  4. Click on Aviator to enter the game area. You can choose to play the demo version or play for real money.
  5. Enter your stake before the beginning of each round.
  6. After placing your Aviator bet, watch closely as the plane takes off and rises. The more the plane flies, the higher the multiplier, increasing your potential returns.
  7. However, you must decide on a specific moment to cash out your winnings while the plane is in the air. If you fail to cash out your bet before the plane crashes, you will lose your stake and potential winnings.
Play Aviator on Bet9ja

Another exciting aspect of playing the Bet9ja Aviator is the presence of the Auto bet. In this case, you can activate the Autoplay feature, which determines when to place your bet. Also, there is the Auto Cashout feature, which determines the point to cash out if your bet hits a set multiplier number.

Bet9ja Aviator Game Rules

Bet9ja Aviator has specific rules players must follow to win, like every other online casino. Let’s briefly explain the main rules for playing the Aviator game on Bet9ja.

Bet Before Take-Off

Aviator offers as many game rounds as possible. So, placing a bet before the plane takes off is compulsory, signifying the start of a new round. You can also place two bets simultaneously.

Watch as the Plane Takes off and Your Potential Returns Increase

At this stage, the plane starts flying while you watch. The more the plane flies, the more your multiplier increases. However, you have to decide when to cash out your bet at a point in the game.

Cashout Before the Plane Disappears

Here’s the most important rule of the game. While it’s understandable that players need time to allow the multiplier to grow their winnings, they must be very calculative. You must make a timely decision as to when to cash out your bet before the plane flies away.

If the plane crashes before hitting the cashout button, you will lose your bet and whatever potential winnings you may have received during the game.

Bet9ja Aviator Bet

Aviator Games Review

The Bet9ja Aviator game has become a fan favourite owing largely to its thrilling gameplay and potential for rewarding payouts. Created in 2019 by Spribe, the online casino game uses an increasing multiplier to determine the game’s outcome. Players aim to maximize their wins by cashing out the highest possible multiplier before the Aviator plane crashes.

Furthermore, the creator of this game implemented a fair system which ensures transparency and fairness. It generates the multiplier at which the plane flies away, so you can be sure there isn’t an interference of results.

No specific strategy exists to excel in this game, as a random number generator determines results. Instead, players require luck and instincts on when to hit the cashout to win. In addition, Bet9ja Aviator offers features like double bet, Auto Cashout, and Auto Play, ensuring an enjoyable betting experience on the platform.


Please check the answers below to some of our readers’ questions about the Bet9ja Aviator game in Nigeria.

Yes, customers on Bet9ja can play the Aviator game. Kindly visit the casino section and use the search button to access it quickly.

Players can cash out after betting on Bet9ja Aviator. You must hit the cashout button before the plane on your Aviator game screen flies away. You may also use the Auto Cashout button to do this.