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    The Bet9ja book a bet function is unique on the Bet9ja site. This feature allows a bettor to save a set of betting predictions with a code. This code can then be taken to a Bet9ja shop and used to retrieve the predictions.

    What Does Booking Bet Mean on Bet9ja?

    Bet9ja owns an extensive network of betting shops in Nigeria, so bettors have the option of placing their bets in physical shops or online. But the Bet9ja book a bet feature combines the ease of doing the research and making predictions online and the betting in a shop.

    To do this, a bettor can make the predictions online, obtain a booking code or betting code, and take it to a betting shop to stake the predictions. Once the betting code is entered in any Bet9ja shop, it will display the games in the bet slip.

    How to Book a Bet on Bet9ja Desktop?

    The question now will be how do I book a bet on Bet9ja? And that is the next thing we will look at. The desktop site is the first place to explain how to use the Bet9ja book a bet feature. Here is how to use this feature on the desktop site.

    1. Head over to the Bet9ja site on the desktop.
    2. Go to the sports section and select the sports you want to bet on.
    3. Click on the particular events, and you will see the betting markets.
    4. Select the predictions of the games.
    5. You can decide to enter an amount to stake and click on the ‘Bet’ button.
    6. The booking code will be displayed, and you have successfully booked a bet on Bet9ja.

    Game Predictions bet9ja

    How to Book a Bet on Bet9ja Mobile Lite?

    Bet9ja developed the mobile lite website to reduce data consumption, and it displays only the necessary features of the bookmaker. The features include the Bet9ja book a bet feature. Here is how to book a bet Bet9ja new mobile lite.

    1. Head to the Bet9ja mobile lite site on your mobile phone and log out if you are logged in.
    2. Head to the sports section and select the events you want to bet on.
    3. Choose the betting market and make your predictions.
    4. Add as many predictions as you like and add a staking amount. Stakes Amount bet9ja
    5. Click on the ‘Bet’ button, and you will receive a betting code you can use online or in betting shops.

    How to Book a Bet on Bet9ja Mobile App?

    Bet9ja has developed a functional mobile app for bettors to use on their mobile devices. Even though the app is only available for Android users, it is another way to use the book a bet feature. Here are the steps to follow.

    1. Open the mobile app and log out of your account.
    2. Go to the sports section and select the event you want to bet on.
    3. Click on the betting markets and select the predictions of the game.
    4. Click on the ‘Betslip’ button at the bottom of the page to reveal your selections.
    5. Stake an amount and click on the ‘Bet’ button.
    6. You will receive a betting code and can use it to place bets online or in a Bet9ja shop.

    How to Book a Bet on Bet9ja Old Mobile?

    Bet9ja has preserved its old mobile site even after redesigning a new one and developing a mobile site. Older bettors prefer this site, as they are used to it, and it takes less data than the other sites. So if you want to book a bet on Bet9ja’s old mobile site, here is how to do it.

    1. Go to the Bet9ja old mobile site.
    2. Click on the ‘Bet’ icon to see all the sporting events.
    3. Choose an event and select the predictions for the game.
    4. Add as many events and predictions as you want to the bet slip.
    5. Enter an amount to stake the bet and click on the bet button.
    6. You will receive a booking code, and you can take that to a betting shop to place the bet.
    Bet Booking bet9ja

    What Is a Booking Code on Bet9ja?

    A booking code is a set of alphabets and numbers that saves a set of predictions. Bettors can use a booking code to retrieve the predictions online or offline in a betting shop.

    There are several things to know about the Bet9ja booking code. First, the code is unique to each set of predictions and valid until the last game on the predictions list ends. So any event already completed before the predictions are retrieved will automatically disappear from the set of predictions.

    Also, the odds on the games can change, so the person placing the bets has to confirm the new odds. Finally, in some cases, the Bet9ja booking code can come with a staking amount for the predictions, so you can decide whether you want to stake the same amount or a different one.

    Claim Bet9ja Bonus

    Bet9ja offers a welcome bonus to new customers. So, you can unlock the welcome bonus using the Bet9ja promotion code during registration when available. But in addition, you must follow the steps below to claim the bonus after registration.

    1. Log into your Bet9ja account.
    2. The minimum wagering requirement is 10x.
    3. Place bets with the deposit on sports events with over 3.0 odds.

        Finally, if you complete the steps above and meet all the terms and conditions, you will receive 100% of your first deposit up to N100,000 and 50% of the deposit for the casino.